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About Protect Matthews

The mission of Protect Matthews

Protect Matthews was created to inform, engage and support the citizens of Matthews. We all know growth is inevitable. So we aim to provide information and resources you need to help guide that growth in a way that protects the things that made Matthews what it is today, while we are building what we will be.

Informing the citizens of Matthews

The Matthews Talks website features videos of speakers who have diligently researched issues and suggest innovative solutions to challenges facing our town.

Information will also be provided through newspaper ads, mailings and printed material.

You can inform each other by sharing ideas and comments on the Matthews Talks Facebook page or through Matthews Talks Instagram.

Getting involved

Protect Matthews also wants to get you involved in our community and our town government. Through the Protect Matthews Group, you can become part of a growing number of people who are hungry for change and willing to volunteer time and energy to make change happen.

By clicking the Join button, you will be brought to the Protect Matthews Group site where you can enter your contact information and tell us about yourself. Someone will contact you to help you to start the process.

Influencing policy

The most effective way to influence policies that guide growth is to be sure that people who make those policies share our goal of remembering our past while building our future. Protect Matthews is eager to support candidates for mayor and commissioner who are dedicated to fighting for the rights of citizens, keeping the power of government in check, promoting active citizen participation and placing the interests of the community over those of developers and other special-interest groups.

Supporting Candidates

Protect Matthews seeks candidates for mayor and commissioner. If you have considered running for public office but did not because you felt you could not do it alone or did not have the finances to run a campaign... that's precisely why the Protect Matthews Group and the Protect Matthews PAC were formed.

The Protect Matthews Group contains people with all sorts of professions and talents, passionate people eager to make your campaign successful. You will have the support of web designers, photographers, videographers and editors, in addition to people who can guide you through the legal and accounting chores of registering as a candidate and filing necessary reports. You will be supported by designers of newspaper ads and printed campaign material.

The Protect Matthews Group also offers tireless volunteers who will canvas neighborhoods, place campaign signs, help with mailings and do whatever is necessary for you to become elected. And the Protect Matthews PAC will contribute financially to your campaign.

Helping to make it happen

Please, use this opportunity to donate... and encourage your friends to do so, too.